You Can Now Personalize Your Suitcase with Your Pet’s Face (Because Why Not?)

pets suitcase cover

You love your pet. You guys practically do everything together. However, there comes a time when you may need to leave your BFF at home and embark on a European adventure, or maybe just go and visit your in-laws for the weekend. But you don’t necessarily have to leave your pet behind…because you can now put his/her entire face on your suitcase.

We’re not joking. With this Pet Head Case from Firebox, you can literally bring your furry friend’s face wherever you go.

So how does it all work? It’s a fairly simple process. Head to the Firebox website and upload your favorite pic of your pet and select from three sizes: small ($26), medium ($33) and large ($39). The company will then create a personalized case cover and voilà.

Each case is made from durable polyester spandex so they'll stretch comfortably to accommodate your bag, no matter how full.

And while it is a bit terrifying, we have to say it’s also incredibly practical. Long gone are the days searching through endless black Samsonite bags to locate the tiny ribbon that you tied on last minute. You’ll never be confused about which piece of luggage is yours again.

Who knew that suitcases could take pet ownership to a whole new level?

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