This New Travel Pillow Helps You Nap Sitting Up (and Looks Just Like a Regular Scarf)

trtl pillow

Long flights and stiff necks—we all know the struggle. Sure, we have our regular old U-shaped travel pillow, but do those really work for extended periods of time (and is a little shuteye too much to ask for?!)?

Luckily, there’s a new pillow in town: the Trtl Travel Pillow. And from the Amazon reviews (more than 3,000 of them), it seems like avid travelers have given this guy a try and are pretty impressed. We know we know, it looks pretty awkward to say the least, but hear us out here.

The pillow (which is more of wrap) is made with super fleece and Velcros around your neck to offer support. According to the brand, it’s scientifically proven to better support your head and neck, because it’s padded with memory foam that offers support while you sleep upright.

Designed to look like a scarf, the pillow is only half the size of a regular neck pillow, weighing in at only half a pound. Folding almost flat, it can easily be stuffed into a backpack or carry-on. Because, of course, we need all the space we can get. 

And did we mention it’s machine washable? It’ll probably take some getting used to before we are comfortable wearing it in public, but anything that allows us to get a nap in mid-flight is something we’ll likely get on board with. 

Available in four colors—black, gray, red and coral—the Trtl Travel Pillow can be purchased on Amazon ($30). 

Excuse us while we (finally) catch some Z’s.

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