What the Heck Was Timothée Chalamet Reading in the Middle of the SAG Awards?

As television bystanders, we know better than anyone that—and we mean this in a nice way—awards shows can be really boring. Let’s be honest: There are only so many variations on announcing a name and handing over a piece of metal. So we’d imagine being there in person doesn’t make much of a difference. (But like, we’d still go to the Oscars if invited. Just saying.)

Who else gets it better than Timothée Chalamet? The Beautiful Boy actor was in attendance at Sunday’s SAG Awards, where he was caught red-handed…reading. Meanwhile, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski were gazing attentively at the stage (probably daydreaming, TBH).

Thanks to the internet and unfortunately for Timmy, everyone has seen the now-viral photographic evidence of his boredom and has their own take.

On Twitter, some people thought he might be browsing a menu…

And his Lady Bird and Little Women co-star, Soairse Ronan, is all of us at every party, office happy hour and networking event we’ve ever attended:

Thankfully, someone in attendance had the answer.

“It’s booklet of the ceremony they put on all guests chairs.”

Oh, because duh, he was actually just reading the show’s program this entire time…and we citizens of the internet have all been projecting our borderline inappropriate obsession with Timothée while simultaneously stalking his every move. Forgive us, T? 


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