The Evolution of Timothée Chalamet’s Hair

While we can’t seem to remember a time before Timothée Chalamet (B.T.C.), the truth is, he’s only been hitting red carpets in Hollywood for six years.

In this short time, however, the handsome Call Me By Your Name actor has made a name for himself, and sported a variety of looks along the way. 

From his swooping curls to his bowl cut (RIP), we present you with the evolution of Timothée Chalamet’s hair. 

timothee chalamet sag 2013
Jeff Vespa / Getty Images

2013: Baby Chalamet

Allow us to start at the beginning.

It was January 2013 (!) when a baby-faced Chalamet appeared at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles. His hair was styled in a type of spiked updo—similar to what most kids (and stars) his age were rocking at the time. 

Nothing too special about this look. It was simple, yet forgettable. 

timothee chalamet 2014
Jason Kempin / Getty Images

2014: The Edward Cullen

Jump to one year later when the young actor appeared at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival to promote Men, Women & Children. 

His original spikes took a different err, higher form here. His locks looked softer, product-less and like they had just been given a quick blow dry treatment.

Our only issue? The serious Twilight vibes this look was giving off. 

evolution of timmothee chalamet hair
JB Lacroix /Getty Images

2015: Gel Crazy

Remember when we said Chalamet seemed to lay off the gel in 2014? Well, that wasn’t the case for the following year.  

It appears that the 19-year-old became overzealous with hair gel before the 8th annual Oceana SeaChange summer party in Dana Point, California. Or perhaps, he was just going for a greasy look? 

Either way, we’re giving this period a thumbs down. 

timothee chalamet 2016
Walter McBride / Contributor

2016: The (side) Swoop

Not to worry, things began looking up in 2016.

Chalamet attended the opening night after party for John Patrick Shanley's Prodigal Son in NYC.

And while his acting career was becoming more sophisticated, so was his look: a little bit of a side swoop without reaching comb-over status.  

Again, nothing to be offended by here. 

timmy 2017
JB Lacroix / Contributor

2017: The Slick Back

By 2017, the Chalamet hair we have come to know and love started to take shape. Yes, we’re talking the Call Me By Your Name era. 

From the Sundance Film Festival in January to the GQ Men Of The Year Party, we watched those curls (and that volume) bounce from red carpet to red carpet. 

This was the Chalamet everyone fell in love with. 

bowl cut
Rich Polk/Stringer/Getty Images

2018: The Bowl Cut

The next September, things took a turn for the worse.

He showed up to a panel during the press tour for his film, Beautiful Boy, with a new haircut. And we mean it when we say, it was terrible. 

We let out an audible gasp when we saw that the star had swapped his formerly luscious ’do for something akin to the cut we rocked in 1994. 

But no matter, we took a deep breath and relaxed. Because as we all know, hair grows back. 

gettyimages 1180173573
Don Arnold /Getty Images

2019: Our King

Enter present day: The locks are back, baby!

It’s been quite a long road (with some bumps along the way), but we finally made it.

For his most successful series of red carpet premieres to date, our beautiful boy rocked his curly hair during the entirety of the press tour for his new film, The King.

And that my friends, is what makes him our (hair) king.