‘This Is Us’ Season 4, Episode 6 Recap: Sex & Golf, Two Things that Require Patience

Last week on This Is Us, Kevin (Justin Hartley) launched his campaign to help Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison) get her husband back, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) tried to make Tess (Eris Baker) feel in charge of her anxiety, and Kate (Chrissy Metz) revealed that she may have a dark romantic past.

Let’s find out what happens this week with season four, episode six, titled “The Club.”

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1. Kate & Toby

We open with several glimpses into Kate and Toby’s (Chris Sullivan) pre-baby sex life. Right before they begin to get it on (while Kate is wearing her Adele wig), she asks Toby to promise that they’ll never stop being hot for each other. We flash forward to their life after baby Jack’s arrival and Kate denies Toby’s advances, saying she wouldn’t agree to get down even if he paid her in gold.

Later that morning, they snap at each other repeatedly. Toby tries to get rid of a nice pair of pants that are now too big for him and Kate insists he keep them. He gets frustrated and when Kate asks what’s going on, he tells her they haven’t had sex in almost ten months. He suggests they get away for some romance, saying, “We need to do this. For the sake of our sex life, please call your mother.” So, she does and off on a romantic getaway they go. 

At a hotel, Kate puts on lingerie, Toby scatters rose petals everywhere and they dim the lights. When Kate sees Toby’s new fit body, she calls him hunky and they fall onto the bed…but they’re not able to, um, seal the deal. Toby says he just needs to clear his mind, so Kate offers to turn on Turner Classics.

After they finish their movie, Toby’s still not in the mood. Kate asks if it’s because he’s not attracted to her anymore and he admits that he’s mad because she suggested he keep the pants he’s too thin for now. He wants to know if she told him to keep them because she wants him to put the weight back on or if there’s some other reason. Instead of answering him, she says they should just go home.

When they arrive back at home, Kate apologizes by cutting up (the wrong pair of) Toby’s pants and telling him that she does support his efforts to become healthier. He responds by telling her that she still lights his fire and they head to the bedroom. 

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2. Jack, Rebecca & Randall

In the past, we see a blissful morning that Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) spend in bed. Afterward, he takes her to her parents’ home and her father, Dave (Tim Matheson), asks Jack to go out for a round of golf with him. Jack reluctantly agrees. He doesn’t have the clothes or clubs he needs for the outing and feels embarrassed when Rebecca’s dad insists on buying him both. To make matters even more awkward, some golf friends offer to let Jack and Dave join their double. They talk shop and Rebecca’s dad pressures one of his friends to give Jack a job offer. Jack grows uncomfortable and so he starts drinking—a lot.

Afterward, Dave confronts Jack about his drinking and says he should have taken the interview. Dave tells Jack that his dad was poor, too, but he worked hard so he could join a nice country club and create a nice life for himself. He tells Jack that he sees Rebecca’s future clearly, too, but he wonders if Jack can envision himself in this world.

When they arrive back at Dave’s home, Jack tells him that he’s going to marry Rebecca and Dave responds by saying that he’s never going to be good enough for her. They square off against each other until Rebecca comes outside and tells Jack she’ll take him home.

In the more recent past, when the Big Three is 11 or so, Jack sees Randall (Lonnie Chavis) watching Tiger Woods on TV and offers to take him golfing. They chat on the putting green and Randall tells Jack that he’s the first black kid to ever be on the debate team. Jack tries to reassure him that he’ll be successful no matter what and tries to relate to him, saying that people used to make him feel uncomfortable because he was never rich enough or had the right job. Randall grows frustrated because his father doesn’t understand that he’s talking about race, not privilege.

Later, Randall tries to explain it to his dad. Even though Jack feels uncomfortable on a golf course, it’s worse for Randall. At one point, he wouldn’t even have been allowed on the course because of the color of his skin. Randall also points out that Jack and Rebecca let him quit karate, where there was a strong black community, but they haven’t allowed him to quit traditionally white sports.

Afterward, Jack tells Rebecca what happened, and she tells him that Randall is still trying to find his place in the world. So, the next day, Jack tells Mr. Lawrence (Brandon Scott) that if his son is asking complicated questions about his role in society, he’d appreciate a heads up. He also invites him to dinner at the Pearson home.

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3. Randall

Back in the present, Randall watches Wilkins (William Allen Young), the councilman he bailed on twice, across the hallway and tells Jae-won (Tim Jo) that he’s going to win this guy over. He overhears the councilman talking about his golf swing and instead of talking about the bill he wants passed, he tells him that he can get him onto a fancy golf course if he’s interested. Wilkins and the two other councilmen he’s standing with are indeed interested and they invite Randall to golf with them. He says he’s not any good but will agree to play if they go easy on him. 

On the course later, Randall tells them he’s only ever played golf once. He swings wildly and almost hits some other people on the course. He continues to miss shots, so Wilkins gives him some advice: slow down. He listens and it actually works. 

Afterward, Randall is in a jovial mood as they grab beers. Wilkins tells him to stop by his office so they can talk about his grocery bill and Randall realizes his ploy worked.

The councilmen go home and Randall heads to the range. He lied—he’s actually an incredible golfer. So good, in fact, that he’s even able to aim a ball directly into the lake in honor of his late father (a notoriously bad golfer).

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4. Kevin

Kevin is spending a morning creeping on his ex-girlfriend Zoe’s (Melanie Liburd) Instagram while sitting next to Uncle Nicky (Griffin Dunne). When he tries to explain what internet stalking is, Nicky accidentally likes Zoe’s picture. Kevin has a minor freak-out then admits that he’s getting really bored in rural Pennsylvania. Although Nicky says Kevin doesn’t need to stay until his court date, Kevin insists.

To stave off boredom, he heads to the gym and runs into Cassidy. She spots him on his pull-ups and then makes fun of him when the gym employee writes her number on his smoothie cup. They catch up and he tells her she needs to reach out to her husband if she wants to avoid their divorce. She asks him why he and Zoe broke up and he says it was because he wanted kids and she didn’t. Cassidy is surprised to hear he’s interested in having children. By the way, their demeanor the entire conversation is very flirtatious.

That afternoon, Kevin decides to call the girl who gave him her number. They have a relatively boring date until she suggests they have sex. Kevin takes her back to his trailer but before they can get started, they see Cassidy waiting for him. He sends his date away and Cassidy tells him that she saw her ex, Ryan (Nick Wechsler), and that things are officially over. She says she can’t blame him because she wouldn’t want to be with someone as screwed up as her either. Kevin stops her and says, “You’ve seen things, you’ve seen things that 99 percent of us can’t even imagine. Yeah, you’ve made some mistakes along the way but you’re trying. That doesn’t make you unlovable. That makes you human.” When he stops, she kisses him passionately. But instead of lingering, she apologizes and rushes out. Before she can leave, he stops her and they make love.

It. Finally. Happened! Let’s hope we find out more when This Is Us returns next Tuesday, November 5, at 9 p.m. PT/ET on NBC.


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