Is It Just Us or Is Older Kevin George-Clooney-Level Hot in the ‘This Is Us’ Flash-Forward?

As the saying goes, like a fine wine, George Clooney only gets better looking with time. Judging from the latest This Is Us flash-forward from season four, episode 14, Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley) falls into the same category.

In case you missed it: The most recent episode of our favorite ugly-crying show gives us a glimpse into the Pearson’s future. An older and extremely handsome Kevin knocks at the door of the new and improved cabin. (He renovated it according to his dad, Jack’s (Milo Ventimiglia), dream house design! Swoon.) Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) answers and we notice that the plans Jack drew out are framed in the hallway. We also see an older Rebecca (Mandy Moore).

In the very sad event that you missed this brief moment of eye-candydom, rest assured that Hartley shared a meme of his aged-up self. Not surprisingly it’s glorious.

As you’ll notice, he captioned the video of his character blinking, “The future’s looking mighty fine” with a winky face emoji and #ThisIsUs. We definitely agree with you there, Hartley.

Other than the fact that Hartley has lots to look forward to looks wise, the fast-forward also made us realize that we really need more time with the Pearsons in the future. In the season three finale, we got a brief look into what they’ll be up to in the years to come and it was kind of depressing (Kate’s potential divorce or death, Rebecca’s ailing mental fortitude, etc.). But we’d personally love to see more feel-good moments like this (Kevin’s handsome face and blonde-haired son).

If you’re reading this, This Is Us producers, make it happen.


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