The ‘Matilda’ Challenge Is Here to Show Off Your Telekinetic Powers on Instagram

You’ve seen the In My Feelings Challenge, the What the Fluff Challenge and—dare we say—the Tide Pod Challenge, but this new online trend may be our favorite to date.

Introducing the Matilda Challenge. Based on the 1996 film, the goal is to fool people into thinking you have telekinetic powers à la Matilda (Mara Wilson).

Basically, participants film themselves “moving” everyday objects with their mind while “Itty Bitty Pretty One” plays in the background. (You know, like the scene in the movie where Matilda pours herself a bowl of cereal using her powers.)

While some are sticking to the basics…


…others are taking it to the classroom.


Of course, Wilson couldn’t resist joining in on the fun…


…and they’re all pretty dang entertaining.


And they keep on coming.


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