The Future Is Here: The First Amazon-Enabled Salon Is Opening This Month

We rely on Alexa to give us daily news briefings and to set calendar reminders and kitchen timers. Soon, we'll be able to curate our salon experience through her, too. As of this month, Ted Gibson, the celebrity hairstylist (who famously gave Sandra Oh bangs this year) is opening the world's first smart salon.

What makes it a "smart" salon? It's everything you'd typically get at a salon (cut, color, life advice) but with the ability to personalize and streamline your visit. 

"The whole idea is…a first-class luxury experience," Gibson explained to Women's Wear Daily. "You’re in your own pod, if you will, and it’s the same kind of idea where you have a customized experience from lighting to shopping to entertainment. Anything you don’t get at a traditional salon."

More specifically, each pod (nicknamed a "cloud") is fully equipped with an Amazon Echo and a tablet so you can do everything from change your music to switch the lighting of your station (so it's most flattering for selfies). Plus, each tablet will be pre-populated with your stylist's top product picks, which you can shop from while you're being groomed. 

The salon is scheduled to open in Los Angeles later this month, but we hear that Gibson is thinking of expanding this into more U.S. cities soon. Hey, Alexa, tell him we're on board. 

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