The 3 Best Flatirons You Can Buy on Amazon

Hair trends come and go, but smooth, frizz-free strands are forever. And there’s one tool in particular that can do it all to glossy perfection: the flatiron. Whether you’re all about pin-straight glass hair, beachy waves or lush barrel curls, this little tool is your good hair secret weapon. Here are three we trust to get the job done.

chi flat iron

Editors’ Pick: Chi Original 1” Flatiron

The Facts:

  • Negative ions add moisture and shine
  • Reduces frizz and static electricity
  • Straighten, curl, flip and wave

“My forever go-to will always be the original Chi. I’ve had it for nearly a decade (I’m not kidding) and it still works like a charm—that straight hair I would have sold my soul for at 13 was made attainable and I even learned how to curl with it. Plus it comes in hot pink!” – Corley, Executive Assistant and Editorial Coordinator

ghd platinum

Splurge-worthy: Ghd Platinum+ Professional Performance 1" Styler

The Facts:

  • Smart straightener predicts your hair needs
  • Maintains optimum styling temperature at all times (365 degrees)
  • 70% less breakage and 2x more color protection

Meet the world’s first smart straightener. It constantly adapts to ensure the optimum styling temperature by recognizing the thickness of your hair and the speed at which you’re styling—magic. Ultra-Zone technology monitors the heat 250 times per second to guarantee a constant safe 365 degrees: the optimum temp for ensuring a frizz-free style without any damage. You don’t even need to use heat protectants with this tool, because it won’t ever singe strands, alter color or create that telltale burnt hair smell. Total game changer.

remington flatiron

Best Value: Remington 1” Flatiron With Anti-static Technology

The Facts:

  • Heats up in 30 seconds
  • Fights static and frizz
  • 1-inch plates are perfect for straightening and curling

Five thousand positive reviews on Amazon don’t lie—this flatiron may be inexpensive, but it packs a big punch. It has six heat settings, ranging from 310°F to 410°F, and titanium-coated ceramic plates, which create a smooth glide and reduce static and flyaways by up to 50 percent. It’s loved so much that it was even dubbed the #1 best-selling straightener by Nielsen in 2017. Not a fan of pin-straight hair? This one-inch iron has curved edges for curling, too.

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