Here’s Why Tweets from Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend, Travis Kelce, Are Going Viral 10 Years Later

Chipotle, naps and squirrels

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.
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One thing Taylor Swift, 33, has learned from her fanbase over the years? They can dig up anything. And now, her new boyfriend, Travis Kelce, 34, is quickly learning that same lesson. Turns out, a bunch of Swifties dug up tweets that the NFL player posted over a decade ago, and these old messages have started to circulate all over the internet thanks to just how wholesome (and funny) they are.

Kelce has been active on his X (formerly known as Twitter) account since 2009, and in the last decade and a half, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end has tweeted about everything from naps to Chipotle runs to squirrels (making a few spelling mistakes along the way, but at least he's got a wordsmith girlfriend by his side now). Yes, we know TayTay hasn't called Kelce her boyfriend yet, but after their Eras Tour kiss and Kelce's reaction to being called her boyfriend, we think it's safe to assume they're official.

One of the biggest takeaways from these old tweets? The New Heights podcast host loves his fast food runs. So of course, the social pages for Chipotle, Taco Bell and Olive Garden decided to capitalize on it.

“Went from class to therapy, now I need some #chipolte and then I'm off to check out my new apt!!” Kelce wrote back in 2011. The official Chipotle account shared the tweet with their own message (referencing Swift’s track “Anti-Hero” in the process), which said, “It's me, hi.”

Besides the many Chipotle tweets, the tight end also tweeted in 2009: “Bout to get some Taco Bell!!! then hit everyone up, n see whats poppin tonight.” A couple years later, he posted, “Up at Olive Garden with papa!! Had to grab the Fettucini with the Chicken Alfredo!! #shmackin.” (Don't worry, we love Olive Garden too, Travis.)

Fans couldn't help but love just how wholesome and genuine all of Kelce’s old tweets were. One user wrote, “Travis Kelce is experiencing the most positive possible version of the internet digging up your tweets from 2011.” Another person posted, “Travis Kelce waking up to notifications on his 2011 tweets just to realize he’s not being cancelled but admired for his fascination with squirles.”

These tweets are making us love you even more, Travis.

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