Camera Catches Meghan Markle Doing Her Secret Signature Photo Move Once Again

Meghan Markle’s signature look strikes again—this time, in a video posted by the official @SussexRoyal Instagram page. 

On Tuesday, the Instagram account shared a video of the Duchess of Sussex, attending the Royal Albert Hall in London for the opening ceremony of the One Young World Summit. 

In the very beginning of the video we see Markle doing her famous “surprise brows” face. If you didn’t know, this is the 38-year-old’s signature photogenic expression that makes her what we call an approachable royal

See if you can catch the subtle moment below (watch her eyes go wider while she's standing still, waiting to make her entrance). 

“Surrounded by today’s generation of impactful young leaders, The Duchess of Sussex attended the 10th Annual One Young World Summit Opening Ceremony at the @RoyalAlbertHall in London along with 2,000 young leaders from 190+ countries,” part of the caption read.

In the video we see the duchess, in her purple midi dress by Aritzia, waiting to enter the arena where the ceremony is being held. She then enters and walks down a long aisle toward the stage where she gives a few hugs before getting settled in her seat.

The video continues showing snippets of the ceremony, including the waving of flags and live music. At one point, we even see the duchess clapping along in the background. 

According to the post, this is the third time that Markle has attended the global forum, which brings together 2,000 young individuals from all over the world. The goal is to create positive change, all while raising awareness about the world’s biggest problems.

We’re happy to see this signature face back in action.