The 11 Best ‘Stranger Things’ Halloween Costumes for 2020

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

We’re *upside down* with excitement for Halloween. Namely, because not only did we learn last month that season four of Stranger Things is on its way (despite massive delays due to the coronavirus pandemic), but also that it won’t be the final season, as we originally thought. Yup, this means we have even more of a reason to don a scrunchie and some fake blood for the perfect rendition of Eleven. Or should we pull a Winona Ryder and go full Joyce Byers this year? Maybe it would be fun to act like the bad guy for once, and channel Billy Hargrove (pre- or post-Mind Flayer, you choose). Here are 11 (see what we did there?!) easy Stranger Things Halloween costume ideas for fansrabid rats, Russian spies and electromagnetic keys sold separately.

Netflix/McKenzie Cordell

1. Eleven

Grab a funky button-down, suspenders, mom jeans and a scrunchie (plus some red lipstick for your “nosebleed”) and channel your inner angsty teen this Halloween. Millie Bobby Brown’s portrayal of the lovestruck Eleven, who happens to have psychokinetic abilities, got a major '80s fashion upgrade in the third season (remember the pink dress and blonde wig from season one?).

Get the look: Ajzdnzvr yellow scrunchie ($2); Alisister paint-splattered shirt ($24); Awaytr blue suspenders ($8)

Netflix/McKenzie Cordell

2. Billy

Hot lifeguard alert! Billy Hargrove was pretty evil before he started to become the Mind Flayer but doesn’t that make him the prime character for a very scary Halloween costume? All you need is: a perm, a fake tattoo, some lifeguard gear and a knack for recruiting people to the dark side. (Bonus points for a fake mustache as well.)

Get the look: Adoretex lifeguard shorts ($22); Blarix whistle ($10); Tattoo Fun fake skull tattoo ($7)

Netflix/McKenzie Cordell

3. Alexei

The purest of souls, Alexei is ripe for the Halloween-costume taking. Just grab a cherry Slurpee, some old-school glasses and a white lab coat or button-down, and pay tribute to the fallen comrade by being everyone’s favorite Russian-speaking scientist. Oh, and if you can get an Instagram pic in front of a TV playing Looney Tunes, we’ll be impressed.

Get the look: Izod white button-down ($16); Slurpee; Grinder Punch glasses ($12)

mrs wheeler1
Netflix/McKenzie Cordell

4. Mrs. Wheeler

If wearing stretchy hot-pink spandex and flip-flops on Halloween sounds like your idea of fun, then Mrs. Wheeler is your gal. Grab the hairspray, red lipstick, cobalt blue eyeshadow and kitschy costume jewelry for the perfect rendition of Karen, whose love for lifeguard Billy burns strong but fizzles fast (similar to our love of on-sale candy corn).

Get the look: Sweaty Rocks bathing suit ($19); Chunky necklace ($13); Maybelline blue eyeshadow ($5)

Netflix/McKenzie Cordell

5. Hopper

Regardless of the theories about the ending and Hopper’s apparent demise (we’re obviously not convinced), we’d be stoked to do the Hopper dance all Halloween long in a pretend sheriff shirt and fake mustache with a bowl of cereal (plus the heartfelt letter to El that you carry around with you all night…*sob*).

Get the look: Uniform Warehouse sheriff shirt ($10); Rubie’s fake mustache ($10); Rocknight aviator sunglasses ($17)

Netflix/McKenzie Cordell

6. Robin

Is it just us or is this Scoops Ahoy outfit actually kinda cute? You’ll need some nautical-inspired pieces to complete the look of Robin, who is the sarcastic sidekick to Steve and an expert Russian translator. Better yet, grab a whiteboard to replicate the oft-memed scene of Robin keeping tally under “You Suck” and “You Rule.”

Get the look: Uxcell blue striped shirt ($18); Satinior red neckerchief ($9); Cosfunmax ahoy hat ($13)

Netflix/McKenzie Cordell

7. Dustin

Fresh from camp and with a new long-distance love, Dustin’s season three lewk doesn’t disappoint. Channel your inner Camp Know Where camper with a green-and-yellow shirt and matching hat, Boy Scout–approved cargo shorts and a fake walkie-talkie. Oh, and don’t forget to say “Suzie, do you copy?!” until your friends are ready to hand you over to the Mind Flayer.

Get the look: Flyer camp shirt and hat ($31); Tru-Spec cargo shorts ($41); BenRich walkie talkie ($22)

Netflix/McKenzie Cordell

8. Erica

Erica is one of our favorite characters of all time and her as a Halloween costume isn’t complete without a (free) ice-cream cone. You’ll also need to bring a pink backpack, pigtail buns, some face stickers and your sassiest attitude (“NERD!”). You could also go the air-vent-Erica route, and add elbow pads and a bike helmet. Or go super in-depth with a book by Karl Marx. (“Know what I love most about this country?! Capitalism!”)

Get the look: Shein rainbow overalls ($24); Everest pink backpack ($8); SBYURE face stickers ($8)

Netflix/McKenzie Cordell

9. Joyce

Become Joyce Byers (for a night) by adding a flannel tied around your waist over a T-shirt and mom jeans—with or without the Melvald’s General Store name tag. Channel previous seasons by carrying colored Christmas lights around with you or bring along some fridge magnets (that obviously don’t work, why do they not work?!). Oh, and try to keep it together. She’s been through SO much.

Get the look: Amazon Essentials orange T-shirt ($13); Amazon Essentials flannel shirt ($18); AmazonBasics file folders ($13)

Netflix/McKenzie Cordell

10. Nancy

From her unfailing dedication to her investigative story about rabid rats to her superb timing with pyrotechnics to help save Eleven, Nancy Wheeler’s character is seriously underrated. We mean, that heartfelt moment between her and Mrs. Wheeler about giving the pompous guys at The Hawkins Post the middle finger is gold. Plus, this costume is as easy as throwing on an A-line midi dress, white Keds and carrying a Hawkins Post newspaper.

Get the look: Angashion pink dress ($28); Keds sneakers ($45); newspaper

Netflix/McKenzie Cordell

11. Max

Eleven’s new BFF has a cool-girl, laid-back style that we’re totally diggin’ (not to mention her independent attitude and no B.S. mind-set about her relationship with Lucas). We love her Cali-girl swag: Rainbow Brite tees, beachy waves, colorful array of Converse High Tops, neon scrunchies and high-waisted jorts. Just remember: “There’s more to life than stupid boys, you know.”

Get the look: Zecmos rainbow T-shirt ($15); Retro Optix red sunglasses ($6); Converse High Tops ($76); ice-cream cone


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