Who Is Eleven’s Dad? And 9 Other Burning Questions About ‘Stranger Things’

Stranger Things 3 is scheduled to hit Netflix on July 4. (That’s so soon, people.) In honor of the highly anticipated premiere, we compiled a list of the most commonly Googled questions about the popular Netflix series.

From filming locations to Dustin’s real-life height, keep reading for everything you need to know about Stranger Things.

stranger things plot
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What Is ‘stranger Things’ About?

The story revolves around a single mom, Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder), who launches a massive police investigation after her son, Will (Noah Schnapp), goes missing. With the help of Will’s friends, they uncover a series of extraordinary mysteries that not even the government can explain.

upside down stranger things
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What Is The Upside Down?

The Upside Down is a parallel universe that is off-limits to the human world. However, thanks to an experiment gone awry, the alternate dimension developed a gateway, enabling creatures (and humans) to exist in both universes. 

The problem? The Upside Down is basically a horrifying replica of the small town we know and love, which means whatever happens in the parallel universe can have severe consequences in the real world. 

filming location stranger things
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Where Is ‘stranger Things’ Filmed?

Stranger Things is filmed in Jackson, Georgia. The filmmakers chose this location to resemble the show’s setting of Hawkins, Indiana.

eleven age stranger things
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How Old Is Eleven?

As of season one, the character of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) is 12 years old. Tricky, indeed.

eleven dad stranger things
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Who Is Eleven's Dad?

Although the real identity of her father is still a mystery, many believe Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine) could be the culprit, since he appeared to have a relationship with her mom, Terry (Aimee Mullins), prior to kidnapping Eleven and making her a test subject.

steve harrington stranger things
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Is Steve Harrington Dr. Brenner's Son?

While the answer is no (at least according to what’s already been revealed), we can’t deny that it’d make for a fantastic plot twist.

is will dead stranger things
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Is Will Dead?

Against all odds, Will is very much alive.

joyce hopper stranger things
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How Is Chief Hopper Connected To Joyce?

Their relationship started off professional, since Hopper (David Harbour) was investigating the disappearance of Joyce’s son. However, no one—not even them—can deny their love connection.

dustin stranger things
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How Tall Is Dustin?

Gaten Matarazzo—the actor who plays Dustin—is 5 feet, 4 inches tall.

demogorgon stranger things
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Why Did The Demogorgon Kill Barb And Not Will?

Unfortunately, Barb was killed by the Demogorgon after being dragged into the Upside Down. Although Will was lost in the parallel universe, the monster never took his life. 

Though we may never know why Barb was sacrificed, we wouldn’t have been all that mad if it was the other way around. (No offense, Will.)


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