Sophie Turner Is Now Rocking One of the Year's Top Hair Color Trends

Since shearing off her signature red locks last year, Sophie Turner has been making major waves as a blonde. Case in point: A recent Instagram reveal of her perfectly coiffed 'do has already amassed more than a million likes (and fanfare from her fellow Game of Thrones cast members). 

The pale, almost icy shade (dubbed "snow bunny blonde" by the interwebs) is quickly becoming one of the year's biggest hair color trends. (See Kim Kardashian, Julianne Hough and Hilary Duff for further proof.)

But as any blonde knows, there's a bit of upkeep involved (i.e., incorporating a good purple shampoo into your regimen) to prevent brassiness from creeping in. We have a feeling Emilia may have some solid pointers for her. 

6 Purple Shampoos That Are Essential for Blondes

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