Sofia Vergara Shares Rare Throwback Photos (& She Hasn't Changed One Bit)

We aren't sure what anti-aging potion Sofia Vergara has been taking all these years, but we need to know the recipe.

The former Modern Family star has been feeling very nostalgic as of late. Last night, she posted a throwback on Instagram and wrote: "#tbt Los Angeles 2000’s."

The slideshow features Vergara wearing a brown, two-piece bikini, followed by a sheer multicolored top. Although the photos were taken over twenty years ago, Vergara hasn't aged a day.

Both pictures were shot by Barry Peele, a real estate agent and photographer based in Beverly Hills. Peele is a longtime-friend of Vergara. (The two were spotted together last November, when Peele documented their trip to the election polls.)

Vergara, who was born in Colombia, did not always want to be a model (she actually attended dental school but dropped out before graduation). However, Vergara told Inside the Actor's Studio that she was discovered by a photographer on a Colombian beach. When she moved to the U.S. in 1998, Vergara's career took off. She started working as a model and spokesperson for large companies, like Miller Lite.

In 2009, Vergara landed the role of Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on Modern Family, which earned her four Primetime Emmy nominations. Currently, she is one of the judges on America's Got Talent.

We'll have whatever Vergara is having.

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