Sofia Vergara Gives Fans a Glimpse at Her Home Decor (& Is That a Baby Yoda Statue We See?!)

It’s not very likely that we will ever be invited inside Sofia Vergara’s home (but we can dream can’t we?). So, whenever we get even the tiniest glimpse inside of the estate on Instagram, we consider ourselves very lucky.

Last month, the Modern Family alum shared a snap of herself relaxing on the couch inside her living room. In the pic, the 48-year-old actress is pointing to one special piece of decor over her right shoulder: a statue of baby Yoda from Disney+’s The Mandalorian. “Why is that thing still here?” she captioned the post.

Her hubby, Joe Manganiello, made sure to weigh on on the issue commenting on the post, “...because that’s where it goes.” Clever.

After doing some digging into why the couple could possibly have such an interesting piece of decor in their family home, we found out that the figure was actually a gift sent to the Magic Mike star from Sideshow Collectables back in December.

In fact, the 44-year-old actor even shared the moment he opened the gift in a video on his personal Instagram account. “Asset acquired...” he captioned the post. In the clip, we see Manganiello unwrapping baby Yoda and placing him on the ground for the couple's puppy, Bubbles, to see. “Your brother is here Bubbles,” Vergara says in the background.

Unfortunately, Bubbles didn’t seem to be a fan of his new porcelain sibling because he quickly ran away from the figure.

Months later, it looks like Baby Yoda still has a home in the Vergara/Manganiello/Bubbles household.

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