Shonda Rhimes Gives Us a Peek Inside Her Vibrant, ‘Bridgerton’-Inspired New York City Apartment

Shonda Rhimes may be the queen of TV, but it looks like she's got great taste when it comes to interior decorating as well.

The über-successful producer behind hit shows like How to Get Away with Murder and Grey's Anatomy recently invited Architectural Digest into her home for the publication's “Open Door” video series, and lucky for us, the company shared the in-depth tour of her ornately-designed New York City apartment.

Rhimes worked with interior designer Michael S. Smith—a former White House interior designer—to help put together the space. She told AD that when the decorating began, she thought: “If I had no kids, no responsibilities, what kind of a space would I create? Obviously, we did incorporate things that were necessary for the kids—moms never get to think selfishly—but this [process] was really exciting for me.”

In the end, Rhimes ended up with a gorgeous, unique space that she can call her own, and the TV creator's personal touches are felt all over the home. Throughout the video, Rhimes points out her love for unusual light fixtures, as well as the many paintings she has by Hughie Lee-Smith, one of her favorite artists. But, with the many decorative, regency pieces of furniture, it's clear to see that one of her TV shows had a big influence on her decorating.

Rhimes confessed to AD that her work on Bridgerton certainly impacted some of the design choices. “I had been immersed in the romanticism of Bridgerton for a while, so that had to influence some of the things that I had been thinking about,” she said. “Everything sort of spills into everything else. If I’m thinking about these books that we’re turning into a series, then that inevitably spills into how the apartment’s going to look, which inevitably spills into what goes in the scripts—it all sort of spins together.”

And Rhimes revealed that she does a lot of work in the apartment, pointing out her many cozy chairs and couches and saying, “This place is really about my work life.”

In a home this beautiful, who would ever want to go into an office?

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