And the Sexiest Bald Man Alive Is...

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And the sexiest bald man alive is... *drum roll, please*

Prince William!

According to research conducted by U.K. publication The Sun, the Duke of Cambridge has been crowned the sexiest bald man in the world (and he beat out some tough smooth-headed competition).

The Sun reported that the Duke of Cambridge appeared "a whopping 17.6 million times online in blogs, reports and pages found in Google searches." Prince William easily beat out legendary boxer and Hangover star Mike Tyson (54), who came in second with a recorded 8.8 million searches including the words "sexy," "hot" and "attractive." The top three was rounded out with Fast and Furious cast member Jason Statham (53), who got 7.4 million results.

The remaining men deemed the bald-headed beauties of the world were Pitbull, Michael Jordan, Floyd Mayweather, John Travolta, Bruce Willis, Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel, in descending order. While the list features plenty of notable figures, a couple names just missed the list, like Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart.

The hairless study was conducted by Longevita, a company that specializes in a wide range of cosmetic surgeries (which fittingly includes hair transplants).

While we're not quite sure how scientifically-sound the study was (Longevita claimed they analyzed Google searches and keywords), there were plenty of internet users who had some issues with the results. Many people specifically pointed out the absence of acclaimed actor Stanley Tucci. Twitter user @BeeBabs posted a tweet that garnered over 160k likes and said, "Stanley Tucci I will avenge you." When The Independent tweeted the news, user @foobabe commented a series of kissy-face emojis and asked, "Have you seen Stanley Tucci?"

As Tucci stans came to honor their shiny-headed hero, the 60-year-old actor quickly joined the conversation. He shared his own Instagram collage of nine celebrities, poking fun at friends like Ryan Reynolds while saying, "Whose crown should wear this crown? So many wonderful choices."

Don't mind us while we go start our bald brackets.

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