Serena Williams’s 2019 Wimbledon Outfit Will Feature a Secret (and Sparkly!) Message

Serena Williams is potentially on her way to securing another Grand Slam, so it’s no surprise the 37-year-old athlete is reminding us of her excellence with a super-special outfit detail for Wimbledon 2019.

During the annual tennis tournament, Williams will wear a white dress by Nike, which will feature a sewn-on Swarovski crystal brooch—nicknamed “broosh” by Nike—embellished in the shape of the brand’s famous “swoosh” logo.

The symbol will include a total of 34 Swarovski crystals, which is no random number. In fact, the professional tennis player was 34 years old when she won her last Wimbledon title in 2016. So yeah, it’s a pretty big deal and a cute good luck charm.

According to Abby Swancutt, the global design director for NikeCourt, the brand created the look with Williams in mind. “I also wanted her to feel like it was something her grandmother could have worn, but of course give it a modern spin and make it just right for Serena,” she said in a statement.

This is the first time that Nike and Swarovski have collaborated together on a “broosh.” While we have no doubt that it will receive attention for all the right reasons, Williams is no stranger to receiving criticism about what she wears on the court.

Back in 2018, the athlete wore a chic Nike bodysuit at the French Open. After the match, Bernard Giudicelli—president of the French Tennis Federation—publicly commented on the look before banning one-piece catsuits from all future tournaments.

On the bright side, they can’t ban a “broosh,” especially if they don’t know what it is.

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