Are We in a Fight? Sarah Paulson Tried to Take Revenge on Ellen DeGeneres and Failed Miserably

Seems like you really can’t trick the trickster, especially if you’re Sarah Paulson. 

The American Horror Story actress appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and attempted to spook the host Ellen DeGeneres (ahh, sweet revenge). Paulson, who famously gets terrorized by DeGeneres during every appearance on her show, snuck up behind DeGeneres and screamed, which elicited no reaction. (Zero points for creativity, Sarah.)

The host was already one step ahead. A crew member disguised as a plant snuck up behind Paulson and spooked her back. Needless to say, Paulson didn’t see it coming. 

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But because this is DeGeneres, the fun didn’t stop there. In another segment involving the Heads Up! game, a crew member disguised as a ninja screamed from the ceiling where he was hanging from. Poor, poor Paulson lost all semblance of composure.

Moral of the story: Trust no one (and especially not Ellen and her terrifying pranks). 

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