Slasher Queen Sarah Michelle Gellar Will Star in Olay's First-Ever Super Bowl Ad

What do I Know What You Did Last SummerBuffy the Vampire SlayerCruel Intentions and the 2019 Super Bowl have in common? (Hint: It’s not Tom Brady—thankfully.)

It’s Sarah Michelle Gellar, who will reprise her role as the queen of horror starring in Olay’s first-ever Super Bowl ad.

The 30-second commercial, appropriately titled “Killer Skin,” will feature Gellar as an unassuming moisturizer (moisturizee?) as a masked figure haunts her evening skin-care routine. Olay says the campy ad is part of an effort to appeal to female Super Bowl fans, who comprise about 45 percent of viewership. We say thanks so much for giving us skin-care nightmares, guys.

“Killer Skin” will run during the first half of the game, after which we’ll be viewing a marathon of Buffy reruns.


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