Sarah Ferguson Speaks Out About Queen Elizabeth & Calls the Monarch Her 'Greatest Mentor'

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Sarah Ferguson is opening up about her special bond with Queen Elizabeth.

The Duchess of York recently appeared on the Tea with Twiggy podcast, where she discussed her debut romance novel, Her Heart For a Compass. And after chatting about the book, she revealed that her former mother-in-law has always been her "greatest mentor."

On the podcast, Ferguson said that losing her mom left her "deeply insecure," adding that she lost her way and struggled to trust her own judgment. Fortunately, things began to look up after she met her ex-husband Prince Andrew, whom she credits for always supporting her. However, the duchess confirmed that it was actually the queen who had the biggest impact on her life.

She said, "I've got my lovely ex-husband, he always believes in me, but the real person, my greatest mentor and person who believes in me is the queen. She has never faltered, and I absolutely admire the incredible way Her Majesty is so modern... and how flexible, and how understanding, and how forgiving and how generous."

The duchess also added, "I think to myself that honestly, my mother-in-law has been more of a mother to me than my mother."

When Ferguson was 13, her mother, Susan Barrantes, left her family behind to start a new life in Argentina and was sadly killed in a car crash in 1998. But since then, the duchess penned a heartfelt tribute to her late mom, revealing that she has since forgiven her. And now, thanks to Ferguson's tight-knit bond with the queen, she's in a much better place.

She told Twiggy, "I absolutely think there is no greater mentor because, from when I was a little girl to now, the consistency of Her Majesty has been a great honor. A huge honor." 

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