Sarah Ferguson Just Debuted a Brand-New Christmas Short Story

Sarah Ferguson is feeling the Christmas spirit, and she decided to dive into the holidays by writing a festive short story with her frequent co-writer, Marguerite Kay.

The story, titled A Festive Flea in the Ear, is a comical tale, and the Duchess of York teased it on Instagram with a post that said, “Head to your local supermarket or newsagent to get your copy of Best magazine! I had so much fun writing this short story with the fabulous @marguerite_kaye.”

However, for those who aren't able to pick up a copy of Best, the duchess kindly shared a special video to her account, where she narrates the story while a young girl acts it out. At the beginning of the clip, Ferguson says the title and provides the setting: Dalkeith Palace, 1858.

“Her daughter [Margaret]'s bright red hair had come undone and was flying out behind her like an unfurled flag,” Ferguson narrates at the start of the video, before revealing that the young girl has found a dog that was abandoned.

Sarah Ferguson.
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Ferguson continued: “Margaret hugged the dog closer, [saying], ‘I found him. I shall take care of him. If he's going to die, then it will be by a nice warm fire inside a cozy blanket.’” And, because Margaret's mother warns her that the dog is likely covered in fleas, they decide to name him “Flea.” But, Margaret makes her mom promise to keep the dog a secret from her father, for fear that he will put the dog down.

In the end, things don't go according to plan. As Margaret goes to put a gold star on her family's Christmas tree, Flea ends up scurrying into the study. “What the devil!” Margaret's father says. “When I find out who is responsible, someone is going to get a flea in their ear for this.”

ferguson hero
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Royal followers showed their love for the story in the comments, like one user who said, “Love it, Duchess!” Another fan wrote, “Off to watch it again.”

We're off to watch it again too, Sarah. Thanks for the holiday surprise.

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