Sarah Ferguson Reveals the Clever Nickname She Has for Herself and Her Two Daughters

It's no secret that Sarah Ferguson is super close to her daughters—Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. At any given chance, the proud mama and grandma is always gushing about her two darlings. And while they're big on privacy, it's clear the two ladies think the world of their mother as well. So when the former Duchess of York described their tight bond with this term, we were not surprised.

So, what was the clever term you ask...?

sarah ferguson clever term
Max Mumby/Indigo / Contributor/Getty Images

The Tripod. While being interviewed by British broadcaster Iain Dale for his LBC podcast Iain Dale's Book Club, Ferguson revealed that she and her daughters gave themselves the fun nickname.

The author and host of "Story Time With Fergie and Friends" also revealed the secret to her tight-knit relationship with her daughters: being understanding, especially during those turbulent teen years.

"Beatrice always says to me, 'Mum, you know, I want Sienna and I to have the same relationship as you and I have,'" Ferguson revealed. "I said, 'well, the secret of what I did with you was a) I never forgot that I was once a teenager [who] slammed the door. Two, I think that you have to remember that when children are very little they talk about their fears as dragons. When they get to [be] teenagers, they go slam the door and they don't know how to express [these feelings of anxiety].'"

Clearly, the tactic worked because The Tripod is as strong as ever.

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