Rowan Is 2019’s Answer to the Shopping Mall Piercing

rowan ear piercing

If you were an adolescent any time before, like, 2010, getting your ears pierced at the shopping mall was a rite of passage. (Piercing and a soft pretzel? Name a better after-school activity.) And even though malls may be dying faster than you can say online shopping, the ear-piercing business lives on. It just has a very Gen-Z twist.

Enter Rowan, a new direct-to-consumer startup that wants to bring that nostalgic feeling of having a needle poked into your lobes to today's tweens, without the dingy mall setting. It's kind of like a subscription box for earrings combined with an in-home, on-demand beauty service (but swap the hairstylists for registered nurses).

How does it work? First, you book an at-home piercing through the Rowan website. A licensed nurse will show up at your doorstep and for $95 (or $125 for the under-5 set), will pierce your ears (lobes only) with a pair of hypoallergenic studs and voilà, you're done.

The subscription box is separate: Called the Earring Club, it's a monthly delivery of a new pair of earrings and “content designed to initiate meaningful conversation.” You can choose from sterling silver, 14K gold or gold vermeil, with prices varying based on your choice. Among the earring styles are a unicorn and a llama—because of course.

Look, we know this is meant for teens. But can you blame us for wanting to sign up?

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