Robert Downey Jr. Finally Responds to Robert De Niro’s Golden Globes Mistake

It was a simple mix-up

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The 2024 Golden Globes were filled with memorable moments, from the mini Suits reunion to Jennifer Lawrence’s epic reaction to Emma Stone’s award win. But the viral moment that still has us squirming in our chair? It would have to be the awkward (but totally understandable) Robert Downey Jr. and Robert De Niro mix-up.

When the winner of Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture was announced, De Niro heard the name “Robert” and thought he won the award, but instead, it was Downey’s name that was called.

On January 10, TMZ ran into the 58-year-old Downey Jr. while he was signing autographs for fans. When asked about the Golden Globes mix-up, he jokingly said, “Nothing's better than losing, my dear.” And when he was asked to explain further, he admitted, “I just wanted to give you a good quote.”

During his acceptance speech, the Oppenheimer star made a joke about taking a beta blocker before the ceremony. “I took a beta blocker so this is going to be a breeze,” he said. The Marvel alum also thanked his wife, Susan Downey. “Speaking of motivators, my primary caregiver right there, Susan Downey. She has literally made an art out of extracting me from my comfort zones…that I need to feel safe! But she's easy on the eyes, so whatevs.” 

And from what we can see, there are no hard feelings between the actors. When the camera panned to De Niro, he could be seen smiling during the speech.

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