Rihanna Sets the Record Straight on Rumors She’s Playing Poison Ivy in ‘Batman’

For months, fans have been petitioning for Rihanna to join the DC Universe as Poison Ivy. And now, the 31-year-old singer revealed if it’s an actual possibility.

It all started earlier this week when Rihanna posted a video on her personal Instagram account. The clip appears harmless at first, featuring the singer wearing a chic pair of matte black boots from her upcoming Fenty launch.

But the caption is what’s getting people’s attention: “Bat-mobile, but make it fashion! Get into this matte leather-rubber fusion tho. @fenty.”

“Bat-mobile?” As in, a reference to the new Batman movie, starring Robert Pattinson? We know, we know, it sounds like a long shot. However, it’s important to point out that fans have been rooting for Rihanna to play Poison Ivy ever since the movie received the green light.

Why? Back in 2018, RiRi shared promo photos for her new Savage x Fenty merchandise, and fans quickly noticed that one of the lingerie pieces could practically double as a Poison Ivy costume. The hype resulted in our first visual of Rihanna as the famed villain, thanks to an artist named Bosslogic.

Well, at last night’s fifth annual Diamond Ball, RiRi got real about rumors she’s playing Poison Ivy to Entertainment Tonight. When asked if she was hinting at a possible role in the forthcoming Batman, Rihanna replied, “Wait, did I hint anything?…Oh, that?! Really? That?! Are you serious? No, that has nothing to do with Poison Ivy.”

She went on to explain, “That [post] has to do a lot with Batman [because] I have separate obsessions. I have a bigger obsession with Poison Ivy, I’m just being honest. And yeah, I dyed my hair red because of Uma Thurman in the original.”

Although reports say Warner Bros. is eager for the singer-turned-designer to play Poison Ivy, Rihanna says she hasn’t heard a thing from the studio.

“You know what, they didn’t call me yet. But if they did, I would love to go in and try out because Poison Ivy is one of my obsessions in life,” she shared. “I did it for Halloween one year, I mean come on!”

Your move, Warner Bros.

Additional reporting by Lex Goodman


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