Reese Witherspoon’s Former Makeup Artist Just Explained the Correct Way to Use an Eyelash Curler

Celebrity makeup artist James Vincent is responsible for some of the fiercest beauty looks in Hollywood. He’s worked on everyone from Lady Gaga to Reese Witherspoon to former president Barack Obama (yep). Suffice it to say, with his years of experience and a résumé boasting positions such as the creative director of TwinMedix and one of the early team members at Rihanna’s Fenty beauty, you better believe he has some tricks up his sleeve. For instance, while we can all agree that over-applying makeup is never a good look, Vincent says there’s one product that we should all feel comfortable using to the max. 

In a Celebeauty Sit-Down with PureWow, Vincent explained that it’s basically impossible to overuse an eyelash curler. 

 “I think a lash curler goes a long way in opening up the eyes and polishing a look,” he explained. “It’s a product most people abuse.” 

Even so, Vincent was quick to point out that most people use a lash curler the wrong way. As he explained, the point of a lash curler is providing lift, not applying pressure. (Whoops.) So, instead of squeezing hard and hoping for the best, you should “rotate the curler up until the curve is parallel with the crease of the eye then pulse and press.”  

Not surprisingly, Vincent says an eyelash curler—he loves Kevyn Aucoin’s The Eyelash Curler ($21) and Troy Surratt’s Surratt Beauty Relevée lash curler ($34)—is the most underrated tool in his beauty kit and one of the three products he swears by.

We’d have to agree. And now that we know how to properly use a lash curler, we’re going to look all sorts of wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. (Finally!)

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