Celebeauty Sit-Down: Esthetician Gregory Dylan Says You Should Add These 2 Products to Your Summer Beauty Arsenal

Celebeauty Sit-Down is a new franchise from PureWow in which our editors chat with some of the biggest names in the celebrity beauty world exclusively. We uncover their tips, tricks and best-kept secrets so you can recreate your favorite A-lister’s look IRL.

Celebrity esthetician Gregory Dylan has tended to the faces of everyone from Vanderpump Rules stars to The Good Place actresses. And in his years as a beauty and skin-care expert in Los Angeles (home of palm trees and skin damage), he’s learned a thing or 20 about keeping famous visages taut and fresh, even in summer heat.

First up, Dylan says, is a hydrating spray toner. “The cool spritz will revitalize the skin and leave you feeling invigorated, while helping to topically hydrate and prevent water loss,” Dylan explained. Make this spray even more refreshing by storing the bottle in the fridge. 

He suggests using a rosewater toner, as “the rosewater has an anti-inflammatory benefit and helps naturally balance the skins pH while aloe provides extra hydration.” This editor has been using a rosewater toner since meeting Dylan at a beauty event last month, and can confirm it packs a refreshing and beneficial punch.

The second tip in Dylan’s arsenal for these hot summer months? Switch out cream moisturizers for something lighter.

“While the heat puts our oil glands into overtime, make an easy transition to summer by swapping out your regular moisturizer for a lightweight, gel-based option,” Dylan suggests. “The gel melts into the skin and has a cooling effect and in a pinch, a thick layer can double as a hydrating mask! This is great in the fridge, as well.”

Dylan’s favorites include Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel ($28) and Nars Aqua Gel Luminous Oil-free Moisturizer ($60).

Looks like it’s about time we finally invested in one of those very Instagrammable beauty fridges. Oh, and these products.


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