Reese Witherspoon Sent a Fan Tweet to ‘The Rock’ That Claimed She Would Beat Him in a Fight (and He Had the Best Reaction)

It seems that Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, 50, is buddies with everyone in Hollywood, whether he's trying the TikTok tortilla challenge with Kevin Hart, or toasting shots of tequila with Oprah Winfrey. Now, the latest star he's been linked to is Reese Witherspoon, 46, who told a comical story about the Black Adam actor during her stop on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The story began when Fallon pulled out a tweet that Witherspoon had quoted on Twitter. The late night host said, “This is something I saw that you responded to on Twitter.”

Earlier this year, the Morning Show actress retweeted a post from a fan, which said, “If Reese Witherspoon and Dwayne the Rock Johnson were ever fighting in an arena and only one can come out alive…. I’d bet my life savings on Reese Witherspoon winning, don’t ask me why.”

In response to the message, Witherspoon wrote, “This is why I love Twitter.” And other followers had the best replies, like one user who said, “It’s true though, ain’t it???” Another made a cheeky reference to Legally Blonde, writing, “Your finishing move would be the bend and slap.”

But Witherspoon didn't just retweet the post. It turns out she also texted it to Johnson.

After Fallon read the tweet aloud, the Sweet Home Alabama star laughed and said, “Wait! Can I tell you a story? I actually sent that to The Rock, and he was like, ‘She's not wrong.’”

In response, Fallon said, “Wow, Dwayne said it! ‘She's not wrong’...I mean, I put my money on Reese Witherspoon all the time.” Witherspoon comically added, “I get a little scrappy, guys.”

Reese Witherspoon and 'The Rock.'
Allen Berezovsky/Araya Doheny/Getty Images

During the rest of her visit, Witherspoon and Fallon chatted about a variety of different topics, and she also participated in the “What's Behind Me?” skit, where she was given clues and had to guess what scene was playing out behind her head.

We're dying to see more of your scrappy side, Reese.

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