Reese Witherspoon’s Fizzy Fall Cocktail Is the Antidote to Your PSL Fatigue (and It’s Super Easy to Make)

It’s only October 14 and we’re already a little pumpkin-spiced out. That could be because we started downing PSLs in August…but we digress. Reese Witherspoon has a solution to our fall fatigue and, lucky for all of us, it has booze.

“My Fizzy Apple Cider cocktail recipe,” Witherspoon captioned an Instagram video tutorial. “Perfect for fall and pairs well with just about any dance move.” Well, we’ll have to try it first to be the judge of that.

The 44-year-old Little Fires Everywhere actress doesn’t give exact measurements, but it seems easy enough to recreate at home. From watching the video, we can see she combines what looks like two parts apple cider, one part Aperol, lots of ice and a splash of soda water in a cocktail glass, then tops it all off with prosecco and an apple slice garnish (because why not?).

Her timing for this beverage is spot-on—might that have something to do with back-to-school (er, we mean homeschool) season? Witherspoon has been fairly candid throughout the COVID-19 pandemic about the struggles of balancing work-from-home and homeschooling her kids, 7-year-old Tennessee and 16-year-old Deacon. Long days with no childcare call for a cocktail, preferably one with fizz.

We’re making this tonight, and pairing it with apple-cider doughnut holes because it’s fall and we feel like it. You in?

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