25 Apple Cider Drinks and Cocktails to Sip All Season

The day fall arrived, you sprinted to the store to buy a gallon of fresh apple cider. Now, you’ve taken approximately three sips and have no idea what to do with the rest. No worries, friend—we have a few ideas. From classic mulled cider to delightful cider margaritas, these 25 apple cider drinks will wet your whistle all season long.

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1. Mulled Cider

Let’s start simple. This warm and cozy beverage calls for rum, but you can pour in any booze you’d like.

2. Smoked Whiskey Apple Cider Cocktail

Like a flannel blanket in a cup.

3. Autumn Apple Sangria

Seasonal but still refreshing, thanks to sparkling cider and lots of fresh fruit.

4. Honeycrisp And Bourbon Spiced Cider

Honeycrisp cider is highly recommended—because it’s the ideal balance of sweet and tart—but any variety will do.

5. Thyme Apple Cider Spritz

Bonus points if you grew the thyme yourself.

6. Apple Cider Mimosa

This has “fall brunch” written all over it.

7. Bourbon Ginger Cider Cocktails

The addition of ginger beer and lime juice keeps this cocktail from tasting cloying.

8. Apple Pie Moonshine

The secret to this boozy beverage? It gets better the longer it sits. Make a jar for a friend…and a jar for yourself.

9. Spiced Apple Margaritas

The spiced sugar and salt rims are *chef’s kiss.*

10. Haunted Orchard Cocktail

Despite the name, there’s nothing spooky about this tequila-based drink (except that you won’t be able to put it down).

11. Bourbon Apple Cider Fizz Cocktail

Looking for a Thanksgiving libation you can serve the whole crew? This one can easily be made into a mocktail for the kids’ table.

12. Apple Cider Mezcal Margarita

Smoky mezcal is an excellent foil to super sweet apple cider. For an extra kick, add ground ginger to the salted rim.

13. Homemade Apple Cider

Store-bought is fine, but homemade is delightful, especially if you’ve just been apple picking.

14. Apple Cider Hot Toddy

This toddy uses tea instead water for just the right amount of je ne sais quoi.

15. Maple Apple Cider

This one is begging to be sipped on a Sunday afternoon, with a blanket and a good book.

16. Apple Cider Rooibos Hot Toddy

Rooibos tea makes this warm drink taste sweet and nutty, but you could also swap it out for chai.

17. Cinnamon Cider Whiskey Sour

Make the cinnamon-simmered cider ahead of time, for cocktail hour ease.

18. Sparkling Ginger Apple Punch With Muddled Cranberries

Just toss everything into a punch bowl, no shaking or stirring required. It doesn’t get any simpler than this.

19. Spiked Apple Cider Cocktail

You’re less than five minutes away from fall in a glass.

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20. Smoky Cider And Scotch Cocktail

Peated scotch gives this drink a slightly smoky finish, but you could leave it out if that’s not your thing.

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21. Spiked Caramel Apple Cider Cocktail

Just like your favorite Halloween treat, in cocktail form.

22. Caramel Apple Old Fashioned

Yes, you do have to make your own cider caramel, but luckily, it’s foolproof.

23. Honey Vodka And Apple Cider Hot Toddy

A warm drink to cure whatever ails you. Even if it’s just boredom on a Tuesday night.

24. Spiced Bourbon Punch

There’s a whole bottle of Champagne in there, just saying.

25. Red Apple Cider Sangria

Apples are red, cider is brown, make a big batch and then go to town.


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