We’ve Just Had a Rare Sighting of Prince Philip, and You Won’t Believe What He’s Up to (Again)

First, the bad news. In January, Prince Philip voluntarily gave up his license after his Land Rover hit a civilian car outside Sandringham. The driver of the other car suffered a broken wrist, and Philip’s Land Rover was photographed with broken glass and a shattered side mirror after the accident. The prince later wrote a letter apologizing to the driver. It was…not the best royal moment.

Prince Philip, however, was a world-renowned driver and used to race horse carriages in the 1970s representing Britain in international and European competitions. So, (now the good news) we were happy to see Prince Philip hitting the open road again, nearly two months after his driving accident. This time, however, he was traveling the old-fashioned way, brushing up on those carriage-driving skills.

Yep, the 97-year-old Duke of Edinburgh was pictured in the driver’s seat of a four-horse-drawn carriage (how perfectly Victorian of you, Your Majesty!) outside the queen’s Sandringham estate on Tuesday morning. Two aides accompanied the royal husband as he held the reins of the carriage on Tuesday. And, as seen in photos obtained by The Daily Mail, the duke wore a green beret cap and thick coat for his morning outing. He sure knows how to dress for the occasion.

He may not be able to get back in the driver’s seat, but we’re certainly glad to see him back in the saddle.