Queen Elizabeth’s Head Gardener Is Doing a Q&A on Social Media, So Maybe We Can Finally Keep Our Plants Alive

ICYMI: The U.K. is currently in the midst of celebrating National Gardening Week. And in honor of the spring-themed celebrations, Queen Elizabeth’s most trusted gardener has been giving followers a rare glimpse into the foliage of Buckingham Palace.

On Monday, Her Majesty’s head gardener, Mark Lane, captured a variety of beautiful images of the palace’s garden in full bloom. One Instagram post, in particular, featured closeup shots of a speckled camellia, a wisteria, the Alnwick rose, bluebells and flowering cherry (no, we’re not flower experts—the caption identified them for us).

Now, he’s asking for followers to reach out with any garden-related questions they may have. Lane announced an official Q&A on the Royal Family’s official social media accounts.

“Hello, I’m Mark Lane, Head gardener at Buckingham Palace and have been for the last 28 years,” he said in a video. “This week is National Gardening Week—so for anyone out there who is rediscovering their love for gardening during these uncertain times, to those who are battling with the art of growing indoors, or who would love to know what flourishes in a window box and for any general springtime gardening tips, I would be delighted to help.” Praise the gardening Gods.

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Royal Family/ Instagram

Those looking to grow their green thumb can submit questions directly on Instagram or by replying to a thread on Twitter. The Q&A will take place Friday, May 1st from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. on the Royal Family's Twitter account.

Only one hour? We better start narrowing down our long list of questions.