Queen Elizabeth’s Gardener Shared Some Photos of Buckingham Palace in Full Bloom This Week

Queen Elizabeth may not be currently residing at Buckingham Palace, but that doesn’t mean she can’t admire her London residence’s beauty from afar.

On Monday, Her Majesty’s head gardener, Mark Lane, captured a variety of beautiful images of the palace’s garden in full bloom for spring. Lucky for us, the royal family shared the photos and videos to their official social media accounts, in honor of the U.K.’s National Gardening Week.

One Instagram post, in particular, featured closeups shots of a speckled camellia, a wisteria, the Alnwick rose, bluebells and flowering cherry (no, we’re not flower experts, the caption did the plant research for us). See the colorful pics below.

“This week we’re celebrating National Gardening Week, and the enormous benefits nature can have on our wellbeing—particularly during these challenging times,” the caption read.

In a separate video shared on Twitter, royal fans got a rare glimpse into the open fields and winding paths beyond the secluded palace gates.

No word on when Queen Elizabeth, who is currently self-isolating with her husband, Prince Philip, at Windsor Castle will return to the estate. Usually, around this time, the gardens of Buckingham Palace are used for royal garden parties and entertaining guests—all of which have been canceled this year amid COVID-19.

But hey, at least the grounds will be ready for summer, thanks to our new favorite gardener/photographer, Mark.