Kate Middleton's Bouncy Blowout Is Kid-Proof, Too (and We Have the Photographic Evidence)

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We've studied Kate Middleton's blowout often—and from afar—but when Kate was going down the line greeting well-wishers on a visit to Dundee, Scotland, a little girl decided to get up close and personal with her curls.

Yep, she touched her blowout and the interaction answered every question we've had about Kate's ridiculously perfect hair.

1. She clearly uses a top-notch hairspray. Think about it: That little girl didn't just graze those curls. She kind of grabbed them and pulled on them a bit. But Kate's ever-flawless mane stayed frizz-free and bounced right back into place.

2. Large Velcro rollers are better than any curling iron. Kate is old-fashioned in this sense—she supposedly uses hot rollers to get just the right amount of bounce. It's worth the effort, clearly. Even after being touched repeatedly, they didn't lose their curl.

3. Even a little girl can't resist the allure of her mane. She looks to be barely 10 years old. Yet, her gut instinct was to reach up and feel Kate's locks—undoubtedly thinking the whole time: "But is her hair this perfect all the time and real?" (Hello, she's all of us.)

So, brava to the little girl who couldn't resist actually touching the duchess just to get a better sense of her hair. The fact that she probably broke protocol in the process? Well, that's just water under the (royal) bridge.

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