Priyanka Chopra Posts Extremely Rare Pic from Her Teen Years on IG—& It Has Over 2 Million Likes

Priyanks Chopra Jonas is reflecting on her teenage years.

On Instagram, the Quantico actress, 38, posted a throwback photo of herself at 17 years old, proving that her chic sense of style has always been unmatched. In the caption, she wrote, "Lean, mean and all of 17!!!" The actress also added the name of her upcoming memoir, Unfinished, which will be released next month.

In the vintage photo, which already has over two million likes, Chopra is makeup-free with her hair down. She's also seen posing in a fitted black blazer with matching flared pants and heeled sandals. 

Lara Dutta Bhupathi and Dia Mirza, fellow actresses and friends of Chopra, commented, "I remember this girl!!!" One fan also added, "You were as beautiful back then as now! [hearts emoji]."

Judging by Chopra's feed, the actress has been feeling quite nostalgic these days. In December, she also shared a snap of herself as a child dressed up in her father's clothes. In the caption, she explained, "I used to love following my dad around the house dressed in his Army uniform. I wanted to grow up and be exactly like him. He was my idol."

She continued, "My dad encouraged my sense of adventure. Even as a little girl...I was always out exploring, looking for adventure, trying to uncover something new. My urge was to do something that hadn’t been done before, to discover something that no one had found yet. I always wanted to be first. That urge drives me every day, in every single thing I do."

Keep these throwbacks coming, Priyanka!

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