We Finally Know Why Priyanka Chopra Posted 3 Blank Squares on Instagram

Something weird was going on with Priyanka Chopra’s Instagram account yesterday. And fans (including us) wanted answers. Luckily, we finally got some.

ICYMI: On Tuesday, the 38-year-old shared a series of blank photos on social media, with little to no explanation. “Something’s coming...” she captioned each post.

Not surprisingly, fans began sharing their thoughts in the comments section, many believing the cryptic message must mean Chopra has a new important project in the works. (A handful of followers also were tricked into thinking they simply had a bad network connection).

In addition to the vague posts, Chopra also piqued our attention with her Instagram quote, although, it has been part of her profile for a while. “...Because every picture tells a story...look carefully...can u tell?” the tagline reads.

Turns out, the first theory was correct. Hours later, Chopra followed up with posts about her new memoir, Unfinished. While little is known about the project, the video teaser gave fans a glimpse of her journey from living in Bareilly to becoming a Miss World and her current life.

The actress is no stranger to sharing her professional and personal life on social media. Last month, Chopra shared a photo of herself joining her husband for a fun outdoor workout on Instagram. The "Close" singer is seen in a push-up position while a beaming Chopra balances herself on top of his back. In the caption, she wrote: "Push ups are my favourite exercise @nickjonas," adding a sly smirk emoji.

Priyanka, now that we know what the project is, we need details ASAP.