Will Princess Eugenie’s Baby Be Given a Royal Title?

Major congrats are in order for Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank. The royal couple just welcomed their first child together.

And now that we know the baby has arrived, one of our first questions (besides what is the name?) is will the child be getting a royal title from Queen Elizabeth? We also asked the same question about Brooksbank when the duo announced their engagement in 2018.  As we quickly learned, he was not entitled to one nor did he receive one. 

Unfortunately, the answer to this question as it relates to the new royal baby is more complicated than you think. Bottom line: It’s unlikely. 

While the baby’s mother has HRH (Her Royal Highness) status, the baby boy will not necessarily receive the status or a title, despite being 11th in line to the throne. Why? Because titles are inherited from the father’s side. And, as we stated earlier, Brooksbank does not have a title to pass down. 

“As things stand, Princess Eugenie's baby will not have a title, or use the HRH style, because these are passed down the male line and Jack does not have a title,” royal editor Emily Nash told Hello Magazine. “The Queen could change this, but only by giving Jack a title of his own or changing the rules on inheriting titles by issuing Letters Patent.”

So, how will the newborn be addressed as he grows older? It’s likely the child will go by “Master.”

We suppose being in the line of succession will have to suffice for this royal baby. Congrats, Eugenie!