We Just Learned That Princess Diana’s Family Has Collected This Unusual Item Over 10 Generations

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You may have heard of stamp collecting or even rock collecting, but Princess Diana's family has been keeping a very unique collection going for generations. Turns out, the family has an ongoing assemblage of walking sticks.

Yep, this special Spencer family collection was revealed in a new Instagram post from the late Lady Di's younger brother, Charles Spencer. The 9th Earl Spencer is a major history buff, and he uses his website, Spencer 1508, to share tidbits of the past related to his ancestors. Now, he's focused on their cane collection.

The 9th Earl Spencer revealed in his caption that this accumulation of walking sticks has been growing for hundred of years. “This week on, learn the stories behind the collection of rare walking sticks and canes collected by my family over ten generations,” Charles wrote.

He added, “The earliest dates back more than three centuries, to the celebrated Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough—the matriarch of the Spencer family. Thanks to the dedication of my grandfather, Jack (7th Earl) Spencer, we know many of the stories behind these unusual (and faintly quirky) family heirlooms.”

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The slideshow that Charles included was just a taste of the many staffs the Spencers have collected over the years. In the images, we can see some engraved and specially-carved canes that are part of their treasury, and the earl also included a few vintage photos of his ancestors.

You can watch a full video diving into their collection here (and attached below). The description for the video reads: “A rare collection of walking sticks and canes that have been in Spencer hands for generations are steeped in history. Once a status symbol of wealth and refinement, the earliest dates back to the mid-1700s and at least three have been in the hands of a King and Queen. Thanks to the research and dedication of the 7th Earl Spencer, we know the stories surrounding these once essential English accessories.”

We love hearing new pieces of Princess Diana's family history.

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