Princess Beatrice Reportedly Almost Had a Different Name That Was Shot Down by the Queen

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While it's difficult naming a kid, we don't even want to imagine the pressure of naming a royal.

Recently, we discovered that Zara Tindall encountered her own issues when naming her daughter, Lena, because she didn't want her initials to be E.T. (and while it might be cute now, that alien association probably wouldn't be as charming once the 3-year-old becomes an adult).

Now, it turns out that there might have been similar issues when Princess Beatrice was born. According to a claim published by The Mirror, the tenth member in line to the throne was originally going to be named something completely different. The Mirror shared a report made by The Sun, which suggested that Queen Elizabeth had an "informal chat" with Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson ahead of Princess Beatrice's birth.

During this chat, it seems that the queen thought Princess Beatrice's original name was “too yuppie.” Wondering what name The Duke of York and Fergie had chosen? Princess Annabel.

But while Her Royal Majesty may have vetoed the couple's original idea, it's reported that she was the one who gave them the idea of using "Beatrice." The Mirror claims that the queen suggested the forename because it had been used by a family member in the past when Queen Victoria named her youngest daughter Beatrice.

While Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson didn't announce Princess Beatrice's name for almost two weeks after she was born, we have to say, the name suits her well. And now that the princess is pregnant herself, we'll be very excited to see what name she chooses in the end.

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