Prince William Just Gave Us the Biggest Sneak Peek Inside Kensington Palace Yet

Prince William’s latest project not only gave us a behind-the-scenes look at shooting a podcast episode, but also a sneak peek inside the walls of Kensington Palace. In fact, it's one of the biggest glimpses inside to date.

This week, the Duke of Cambridge teased one of his new projects, where he joined English soccer player, Peter Crouch, for a special episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast in support of the Heads Up campaign, which aims to open up the discussion about mental health through football. According to Kensington Palace, the episode was recorded in two parts—at the palace in March, and via video call earlier this month.

Lucky for us, the duke and duchess’s shared social media account posted footage from the recording sessions, which pulled back the curtain one of the palace’s receptions rooms.

As we see in the video and photographs, the room features traditional decorations with cream-colored walls (neutrals, FTW) and gold accents throughout. There’s a dark wooden dining table (atop a tapestry rug) with matching wooden chairs and black cushioned seats. We also noticed a pair of patterned lamps situated on two other wooden tables against the wall.

We’re assuming that the second part of the episode was shot from William’s country home in Norfolk, where he and the rest of his family have been social distancing the last few months. Unfortunately, we have no footage of that recording session.

The episode was released ahead of this weekend’s Heads Up FA Cup Final, between Arsenal and Chelsea, and covers everything from the return of football during the coronavirus pandemic to William’s experiences both playing and watching the sport.

And while the full episode is available now on the BBC Sounds app, we think we’ll stick to analyzing this clip a few more times.