Windsor Castle Guest Says Prince Philip Came to Her Rescue After a Major Wardrobe Malfunction

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Susannah Constantine is extending her gratitude to Prince Philip for saving her from a major wardrobe malfunction.

In an interview with BBC Radio's Woman's Hour, Constantine opened up about the embarrassing incident, which occurred during a royal dinner at Windsor Castle. While chatting at the dinner table, the straps on her Valentino dress had broken off, and it was Her Majesty's husband who quietly came to her rescue.

She said, "I was at a dinner at Windsor Castle, as one is, and sat between Prince Philip and, I think, Prince Edward, in a beautiful dress which my father had got me. I didn't notice anything, and Prince Philip turned toward me and kind of went towards my breasts."

She continued, "I thought, 'What the hell is he doing?' And I realized that the straps had broken and my bosoms were on display to the entire room. A butler came along with a safety pin and recovered my modesty." Whew

Not only did the English journalist open up about the incident during her interview, but she also detailed the experience on her personal blog. After realizing that her straps broke, she said, "Absolutely mortified, I snatched up the front of my dress and pulled it back over my chest. Quick as a flash, Prince Philip raised his hand and a butler appeared with two safety pins on a silver tray. I've no idea how he moved so quickly. Had he witnessed similar fall-outs before? Quietly and efficiently, he fixed the straps to the back of the dress." 

Constantine admitted that she wasn't sure if anyone else noticed (fingers crossed no one did!), but she's grateful that the mishap was quickly handled. She said, "I'll be forever grateful to the discreet gent who came to my aid." 

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