The Palace Announced a Change to Prince Harry's Netherlands Trip

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Buckingham Palace announced an update to Prince Harry's scheduled Netherlands trip days before Baby Sussex's arrival.

The baby boy, born on May 6, whom Harry announced was doing "incredibly well," may throw a tiny wrench in the new father's plans to travel to the Hague this week.

On Wednesday, May 1, it was originally announced that the expecting father would take a two-day royal trip this week…and we were so confused about the timing of Baby Sussex's birth (and had the tiniest suspicion that the royal baby had already been born—but, boy, were we wrong). Then, on Thursday, May 2, Buckingham Palace responded to rumors that Baby Sussex had already arrived when they issued a statement to Entertainment Tonight Canada saying the baby had not been born yet, and that the media would be notified as soon as the duchess went into labor (and...yeah, that didn't really happen).

According to the original announcement from the Royal Communications office, posted to Twitter by royal reporter Emily Nash, Harry's visit would have taken place on May 8 and 9. Now, sources have confirmed to People that the duke will only be gone one day, May 9. 

Prince Harry was supposed to “undertake an official engagement in Amsterdam” on May 8, which has since been postponed. He will still travel to the Hague on May 9, however, where he will officially launch the one-year countdown to the Invictus Games at the Hague in 2020. However, now that Baby Sussex has made his grand appearance, we're wondering whether Harry's plans to travel will change yet again. After all, we'd be hard-pressed to see the duke leave his first child (even if it's just for one day) only 72 hours after his birth.

The reason for the change, according to sources, was because of the numerous other royal family engagements taking place this week. Instead of concerns over the timing of Markle's delivery date, the palace insider cited worries over media coverage being spread too thin for all the royal events, and therefore decided to cancel the first leg of Harry's trip (though...we have our doubts).

One thing’s for sure: Amsterdam seems like the perfect place to de-stress after the birth of your first child (just sayin’). 

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