Our Kinda Neighbors: Harry and Meghan's New Home Garden Includes Mulberries...for Making Gin

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We know the English love their Beefeaters, but Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s new home at Frogmore Cottage takes that gin-fatuation to a whole new level.

According to People, the grounds of Frogmore Cottage have lush gardens, green fields and their own private lake. Also? A “mulberry walk” (besides being the name of a fancy little road in Chelsea, London) is a pathway through a grove of mulberry trees. 

“It has the most amazing mulberry walk, where we would pick mulberries for Prince Philip’s mulberry gin,” a former palace staffer told the publication. “And when the Queen is there on a Sunday afternoon, it is a five-minute walk up the hill for tea with Granny. It is gorgeous.”

Wait, wait, wait: The Sussexes have ingredients for making mulberry-infused gin…so they can entertain their guests with homemade mulberry gin, aka they basically don’t ever have to leave their home again.

And that’s not all. “The cottage is also just a short walk to the charming High Street,” the article notes. High Street contains local vendors selling everything from fresh flowers to baby clothes (necessary). There’s also a “farm shop” selling Sussex cattle beef (the pedigree of herd that’s native to the area).

And Meghan and Harry are making some upgrades to the already plentiful grounds. According to The Daily Mail, the royal couple are adding an organic vegetable garden to their estate. The garden will be used to grow vegetables, herbs and soft fruits. (Although, who needs veggies when you have ingredients for homemade infused gin?)

Don’t worry, duchess. You’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your new home in just a few weeks time.

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