Prince Harry Just Gave Fans Another Look Inside His New Santa Barbara Home

Prince Harry's latest video message not only revealed his new haircut but also gave us a quick glimpse into his California home.

In honor of Nepal's virtual Trailwalker Relay, which takes place from September 21 to 27, the Duke of Cambridge shared a rare video thanking all who are participating. The clip, which was shot from his new home in Santa Barbara, featured the prince (rocking a trimmed ’do and an impressively manicured beard) seated in front of a lush plant and gorgeous wood-framed windows.

Upon further inspection, we realized we’ve seen that plant before (yes, we admit we may pay too much attention to detail). In fact, Meghan Markle was the first to debut the plant in a video of her own, shared earlier this month.

During her chat with Smart Works, a charity that helps prepare women to enter the workforce, Markle was situated in front of a massive white-stone fireplace with the large plant over her right shoulder. Yup, that’s the same stylish fiddle leaf fig tree featured in Harry’s message.

According to Bloomscape, which sells the real Fiddle Leaf Fig tree for about $200, the plant removes formaldehyde from the air while adding some stunning greenery. So, not only does it enhance the aesthetic of the room, but it also helps the air quality as well.

It’s clear whatever room of the home this is has become a favorite among the duo for recording official engagements. And we can totally see why. Not only does the space seem to have ample natural light, but the neutral color scape makes for the ideal backdrop.

Now, if we can only get a peek at the other side of the room.