Prince Harry Just Got Into the Boxing Ring (but Don’t Worry, It’s for a Really Great Cause)

prince harry in the boxing ring

As an avid polo and rugby player, Prince Harry is no stranger to the impact sports can have on the lives of young people. (There's even an entire page on the royal family's website dedicated to this passion.)

It makes sense, then, that his latest public appearance celebrated the launch of Made by Sport, a campaign that's aiming to support disadvantaged young people through athletics.

At the Black Prince Trust, a nonprofit sports facility in London, the Duke of Sussex, 34, joined professional boxers Anthony Joshua and Nicola Adams, and a group of children in the boxing ring. 

According to People, the prince told the children, “A lot of kids your age have had anger and emotions they don’t know what to do with, that’s not unique. They are looking for a way to channel it, and this is where they should be doing it. You make friends, you find family, you are just part of a different gang.”

After chatting with Joshua and Adams, Harry also gave a speech about the crucial role sports play in children's development. “You can almost separate the people who have had sport in their lives from a very young age compared to the people who haven’t,” he noted. “I don’t have a problem saying that as a set of core values, as development for your own self, that if you don’t have sport in your life then your life is going to be a very isolated journey.”

He continued, “This is about community. This is about providing an opportunity to young people, all over the place, to actually be part of something…But the moment they walk in those doors of the sports club or the gym, or anywhere, all of a sudden they are part of a team. They have this human connection which otherwise they wouldn’t have. I don’t think we can put a price to that.”

Made By Sport is targeting $55 million for its grassroots fundraising campaign, and plans to connect more than 60 different sporting organizations to reach thousands of schools and clubs across the country.

Harry added of the campaign, “This is going to change lives, and it will save lives.”

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