Did You Catch Prince Harry Using an American Accent?

It appears Prince Harry is adjusting to his new life in Montecito, California—so much so that he has seemingly adopted an American accent.

The slip-up occurred during a Zoom call, when Prince Harry chatted with Paralympians about his all-new Netflix documentary, Rising Phoenix.

During the video chat, the Duke of Sussex’s British accent was slightly less noticeable than previous appearances. He even used a few U.S. pronunciations—like saying “matter” with a “d” instead of annunciating the “t.”

It didn’t take long for royal afficionados to pick up on Prince Harry’s accent. According to body language expert Judi James, the video is concrete proof that the royal is assimilating to his new life in the states.

“Harry also shows signs of his immersion in a U.S. lifestyle here, adopting the traces of an American accent when he pronounces ‘matter’ as ‘madder’ before showing us some signature moves that he appears to have mirrored from Meghan, like the hand on the chest and upward glance while searching for words,” she told The Express.

James is referring to Prince Harry’s nonverbal cues, which are somewhat out of character. This included hand gestures, clasps and genuine smiles.

“At the end, he uses the Meghan move of a more modest pose, clapping his hands once to motivate us all to get on with change and then smiling and self-diminishing his torso by pulling in his arms to register friendship,” she added.

Let the overanalyzing commence.


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