Prince Charles & Camilla Have Officially Disabled Comments on Their Twitter Account. Here’s Why

Royal fans were in for quite the surprise on Twitter last week.

After the release of season four of Netflix's The Crown, which centers on the Prince of Wales's troubled marriage to Princess Diana and his romance with Camilla Parker Bowles, fans had quite a lot to say on Twitter. And now, it looks like Prince Charles and Camilla have taken action by restricting comments on their Clarence House Twitter account.

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If you visit the Clarence House page, you'll notice that the most recent post with comments from followers is from Nov. 20, when it was announced that the Duchess of Cornwall joined the live final of the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition to congratulate winners. And unfortunately, several fans of The Crown trolled the duchess in the comments section by sharing memes, gifs and photos of Princess Diana.

Since then, fans haven't been allowed to comment on any posts, because only those who the account follows and those who are mentioned in their tweets are able to reply directly. In fact, if anyone tries to respond to a tweet, a message pops up that reads, "Who can reply? @ClarenceHouse follows or mentioned can reply."

Clarence House hasn't made a statement, but fans are offering their support by tweeting a few words of encouragement to the royals, who've been subject to online negativity due to their portrayal on The Crown. One fan wrote, "Love will always outlive hate. Be strong & know that these silly unnecessary comments will pass [heart emojis]."

Another fan said, "It's particularly sad that @ClarenceHouse had to turn off their comment section due to online hate! We love and appreciate you, Charles & Camilla! #weloveyoucamilla."

As for the couple's official Instagram account, public responses are still allowed. Here's hoping Charles and Camilla won't have to resort to disabling all comments on that account.

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