8 Times Prince Charles Was the Biggest Royal Wildcard

Behind all the pomp and circumstance of Prince Charles’s position as heir apparent to the British throne, he has quite the sense of humor (yeah, we were surprised, too). From rocking a fake nose during a photo call to joking with Ozzy Osbourne, Prince Charles has been giving Prince Harry a run for his “best royal wildcard” money since before the Duke of Sussex was even born. Here, eight of Charles’s funniest moments.

prince charles wearing a fake nose
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When He Wore A Disguise During A Ski Outing

No joke. Prince Charles rocked a fake nose and mustache just for fun during a ski holiday in Klosters, Switzerland, in 1980.

prince charles birthday baloon
Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

When He Showed Us All What Pure Joy Looks Like

Never before has a grown man been so delighted by a balloon.

prince charles space goggles
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When He Tried On Space Goggles For Giggles

It may have been 1994, but Prince Charles was so ready for the next millennium.

prince charles catching the boquet
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When He Caught The Bouquet

Always the bridesmaid and never the bride?

prince charles with messy hair l

When It Was His Party & He’d Have Crazy Hair If He Wanted To

The Prince of Wales welcomed 200 guests to Hillborough Castle for a summer garden party in 2008 and wore his hair like, um, this. Bold move, bro.

prince charles and ozzy osbourne
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When He Swapped Jokes With The Prince Of Darkness

Hey, he and Ozzy Osbourne are both titled. Why wouldn’t they be friends?

prince charles soccer cup
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When He Played football Soccer So Well The Townspeople Literally Carried Him On Their Shoulders

Charles participated in an 800-year-old tradition called the Shrovetide Mass Football game in 2003 and clearly crushed it. Let’s just hope he didn’t play in that suit.

prince charles on royal tour
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When He Educated Us On The Points Of Finer Living

Vacay fashion? Check. Tropical cocktail? Check. Living his best life? Check.


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